I also want to mention that I took Jim back to the old Co-op that I lived in when I attended college at the University of Vermont.  Slade Hall, a wonderfully sustainable hall off the beaten path that most students don’t even know about.  While living there the students rotated chores; tending to the garden, composting and cooking.  A couple of sun showers here and there and a close relationship with seitan and tempeh was part of our curriculum.   We shopped in bulk from an organic distributor, we worried about where our soap came from, we ate naturally, played naturally, and felt that the small impact we had on our microcosm of the greater world did not have a footprint at all.  I especially loved being on the cooking crew and truly believe that this was one of the experiences that helped launch my love of food and community, ultimately leading me to culinary school.  It’s been a  dog’s age since I have been back and although I prefer to keep the integrity of Slade Hall a much coveted secret, I present you with The Kitchen.

Slade Hall Kitchen

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